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Uganda National IGF

2010 Uganda National IGF

The 2010 Uganda National IGF will take place on 14th July, 2010, more details to be communicated.

2009 Uganda National IGF

The 2009 Uganda national IGF meeting was held on the 13th of August 2009.


Some of the issues discussed include:

  • The .UG management, where a committee has been set up to continue discussions and advocate on the change of management. The committee is composed of stakeholders from government (Ministry of ICT, NITA-U, UCC), Faculty of IT Makerere, CFI (currently managing the .UG), representatives from the website hosting companies and individuals (Badru Ntege, James Wire and Douglas Onyango). It was however suggested that perhaps Uganda should come up with an ISOC Uganda chapter, which would help in making Uganda Internet Governance issues heard. This team is yet to explore the idea!
  • IPv6 transition(adoption), where it was noted that there is no political will. It however came out that government is seriously taking on the matter. At the same time, a deployment model was suggested which raised hopes of having deployment strategy in the near future.
  • Cyber security, where it came out that Uganda‚Äôs cyber laws are blind on issues of privacy and security! However, Uganda is willing to comply with the East African harmonization framework of cyber laws to address local concerns!
  • Broadband, where it came out that the Ministry of ICT is working hard to connect to the submarine cable (SEACOM), this being done by repairing some of the cable that was cut off by road repair in Jinja. As such, Uganda should have full broadband connectivity by December 2009.

A full report of the meeting will be sent in due course.



2009 Uganda Online Internet Governance Discussions Report

2009 Uganda National Face-to-Face IGF Report


2008 Uganda National IGF

The Uganda national IGF was held on during the week of 27th October 2008. The report will be published in due course.



Uganda Online Discussions Report



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